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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Forgotten Houses

Rummaging through an un-finished project drawer
I came across 13 house blocks, these were
part of the RSC 2016 challenge

I have 13 blocks and the original plan was to
make considerably more than that over the year
but I found it difficult keeping to one colour
theme each month, project stalled!
A mix of Kaffe Fassett, Philip Jacobs, Jinny Beyer
fabrics with a few very old florals thrown in.

So, back to the machine yesterday with 12 of them

and here they are.
I decided not to add sashing,
 when they were up on the wall
I had a flash back to my childhood in Lancashire UK.
 We lived in terraced houses, 'though I was lucky
enough to be a few strides away from fields and a farm.
 These are not truly representative of rows of terraced rows
 but to me they say home, friends and family and surroundings
of childhood.

My next decision is whether to border or just bind - my gut
feeling is to leave this just as is and bind, it will hang on one of walls
in my sewing room to take me back to the wonderful times of
What do you think?

Just having gone along to the mail box I feel that yes, Spring
is truly here, even though we're having a lot of rain. My tulips
from last year are all up and just about to open

only nine up this year.

On my mind at the moment are all who are
suffering from the devastation
in various parts of the USA.

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Friday, September 8, 2017

Back on track with my quilting - baby steps!

Had itchy fingers after taking things slowly
for a few days so off on to another project!! Do I really need another project
I asked myself - I thought perhaps I did!
Before doing that I decided to steadily tidy through
my wire baskets which hold most of my fabric stash.

First up was green

then yellow and orange

pinks and red 

blue and purple
I had an excess of blues and some have spilled over into another
basket. I have no idea why I collected so many blues -I don't use it 
a heck of a lot. The remaining 18 baskets will be
attacked a few here and there.

I'm sure you all know about my passion for the
Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics,  sorting these into
colour groups can sometimes be a bit dodgy. It's easy to get an
overall impression of the focus colour but with so many other
colours in the mix it can sometimes be a hit and miss affair.
However, the abundance of colour is the reason I love them!

As a break from this I decided to delve into the containers of strips,
long and short, thick and thin, some not uniform in width. Strips
were picked randomly but looking at these quarter blocks
I can see I've begun with two lighter blocks and veered off to
my usual richer fabrics!

It doesn't matter because this is intended to be 72" x 72" and they'll all hopefully
play nicely !! These blocks are 12".
Don't know why the two bottom photos are not keeping in line.
Name for this quilt will be "Mardi Gras".

I'm thinking now of blogger friends who may be caught in 
Hurricane Irma, in fact anyone who is experiencing this horrific
catastrophe. We have been following on the TV news reports,
quite unbelievable.

Stay Safe.


Thursday, August 31, 2017

Thursday again

Well, I finished the 10 churn dash blocks today - not good!!
I have a photo and it's taken on a ridiculous angle, but that's all I
could manage today, reason why after the photo
with wavy blocks!

 I wouldn't want to size this to Xtra Large.
 I've had back/neck problems for ages
and at my review Monday of my CT scan and appt with the Spinal 
specialist they confirmed that basically my whole spine is in a
very bad way.
I won't bore you with the effect this is having on me, but it's enough to make
life very, very difficult in a number of ways and extremely painful.
Decreased sensation in my fingers is having an effect on
my patchwork piecing and that bugs me!!! Small pieces
are now a no go for me, as you can tell by looking
at the Churn Dash blocks above.

Whilst I'm mulling over some issues relating to the above I
had a wander around the garden,
the camellia below is superb, around 6" across

and look what's just opened in time
for the official start of Spring tomorrow here in
New Zealand - my special little violet "Freckles".

Time to head over to see what's happening
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Julie at JulieLou

see you there!

Friday, August 25, 2017

A Brief Encounter .....

This will be brief due to a silly way of rushing to grab a hold
of the car door - thankfully no fingers trapped but I tore
one of my nails almost halfway down the nail bed!!

This was on Monday and luckily we were almost right next to our
doctor's surgery so I hopped in there and the
ever so kind nurse trimmed of what she could, the saying
"hanging by a thread" now has a whole new
meaning for me!
Very difficult to sew/type, below is all I could manage
this week.

So here are four 6" Churn Dash blocks, these
will be in the next row of my Memory Quilt 1,
see the labels on the right for a past photo.

I foolishly thought I could try a little hand quilting (sore
finger left hand), the quilt - Paintbox - was already in the hoop
with three blocks quilted - but it was a no go!!

All my above efforts were closely watched over by my
faithful helper

who is obviously letting me know that she's not moving!
I'll be back in a few days, have a good weekend.